Friday, August 31, 2012

the fight..

.......and i went down..and there was friends playing cards...playing cards in their new boy and a girl, they are couple.. i love them..and one boy who is a friend ... nice guy...and one more boy also a friend, but i do not like the story is about this guy i do not like and me..we just do not get along each other...unsure and i joined them ,played cards...and after some time..while playing...this boy "i do not like" started annoying me as always, telling me what to do.. what not to do...i hate was going on and on and on... it reached a pointhe was on my nerve..i hardly get angry.. but if i get angry i am very bad...this has been few days...i tried to tell him many times in different manner..but i guess he was never taking it serious..and then we had a fight.. he threw cards on my face and left.. he was hurt i think.. me too..i did mention him couple of times, keep distance..i have no issue for him being what he is..but i do not want him inside me..i try to avoid as much as i can..but he come closer and closer..he is a nice guy and with very good sense of humor..but i just do not like him...and then he left..everyone was disturbed...then i talked to them.. my friends, the couples,they already know that i do not like this guy..and then i cried.. because i was avoiding this situation since a month..i could see this was going to happen..then i tried my best to not let this happen..and still it happened..i cried because i could not balance it..i cried because i did hurt him, me, and everyone around..i cried because i could not find any other way but burst out...i cried because i was sad..i cried because i cried...and then we said we will play cards again...he left to his with out him we played..and once we finish the game..i cried again...i laughed...laughed and cried...then came to my room..on my bed.. there is no fan on my ceiling..i still can hear wind blowing so strongly outside..tomorrow morning i will go to a second hand and then we will go to the top of the mountain..where nothing grows.. because, the wind blow so strong... smilei might fly away..i might be this girl who gone with the wind..

do you hate me now?


Anonymous said...

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arjun kumar said...

wow...mountains, strong winds...caravans..? where in the world are you....sound like really cool place :D