Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ill only smile..


I don't exist for you , thats what you told me .. and also said that its better for both of us
to keep it that way..
who says this my dear.. who says this.. and it is better for who..?
you have tried your best to provoke me.. :) well done..

you know what.. i know that i don't exist for you..
otherwise you would have never entered between me and him..
if you had any curtesy to think about the other person before getting in between ..
if you had.. ha! i wish..

see.. when you conveniently closed your eyes to not see me..
you shouldn't get effected by me, right?
i wonder how can you get hurt by me getting back with him!
for you surely "i don't exist!" do I ?
well there you go!

you never thought how i was feeling it when you were jumping naked with him and
cuddling with him in the balcony while he was ignoring my presence?
you just wanted him.. so you ignored everything  else..
so this is where you pay for it…

i was hurt ..
i was in agony..
constant pain..
if at all this makes you feel any better..
I'm telling you..
you were so bad my dear.. very very bad to me..

you were just happy with him and only wanted to belive what you wanted to believe..
very very convenient, nha!?

and I'm not justifying him…
but he tried his best to be in touch with you..
this was your choice to move away…
you don't deserve any of these concerns…
you can look at you life and think about how you treated others.. :)

and what if we were married?
you are the other woman, yea?
now you look at me like the other woman!
haha! whatever!!

and remember…
it was me and him.
you came later.. :)
please do not forget…
:) and I'm telling you again..
you just believed what you wanted to..

so ..

i had never a chance to see you in person..
if i get one..
ill only smile..
just smile..