Friday, February 22, 2008

Im not getting my blood!

my dates...

but where is my blood!
come come come...
waiting to see...
that thick dark blood drop.. on those white tiles!
loving that!

oh pierced nose!

i never thought ill pierce my nose!

and i never thought ill do soemthing in my life asking suggessions from
many people and taking time to decide!
what all! like a marriage!

i went to the jewellery shop! they came to see how its going to get done!
wow! thats was good.. got peirced..
tears came out!
but no pain! i was smiling, i was happy!

but i neevr wanted this..
and im happy coz i did soemthing that i dont want
i loved doign that..

like i wanted to do myself "something i dont want to do"
so i did what i want!
pierced nose!
white stone!
it costs!!

orange skirt!

after long time i know..

so i know you and you know me also..
is it right?
thats what u said !
thas what we think!
so lets separate now..
no more extensions!

its an orange skirt with green , yellow and black flowers!
flowers it seems!

time is 2.16
i didnt had my lunch!
and i was dancing!