Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A letter

Thank you so much for teaching me again that there is nothing like real love.
thank you so much for showing me again that everyone is selfish "everyone".
thank you so much for everything..
one more thing im not thankful to you!im thankful for myself!
n u were just part of it!
coz i decided that u can be part of it!
anyway..please dont come in my life ever again to show me again the same things! ok?
as i always said you dont deserve me at all!
so please dont make fun of my truthfulness for you n for the world!
no more sacrifices.. to make me realise that this world is bull shit.
i ve got it already from many !not from you too...
i dont need it!
if u really want a good friend or a good healthy reationship or something which is truthful n pure ..
u can come to me..otherwise ...u can change your path..dont come ever to me..
please dont do this to me..
i dont think i have done something to you...for you to do this to me..
or if there is something,why cant u tell me that...?
u need time?
u need space?
u need urself without anyone?
but u could have tell me,no?
this was too much!
hmm im deeply hurt!
coz i used to belive you!
i used to like you for as what you are!
there was some happiness and peace left in me..thats also gone..
hope we will never meet again...good bye