Friday, February 22, 2008

oh pierced nose!

i never thought ill pierce my nose!

and i never thought ill do soemthing in my life asking suggessions from
many people and taking time to decide!
what all! like a marriage!

i went to the jewellery shop! they came to see how its going to get done!
wow! thats was good.. got peirced..
tears came out!
but no pain! i was smiling, i was happy!

but i neevr wanted this..
and im happy coz i did soemthing that i dont want
i loved doign that..

like i wanted to do myself "something i dont want to do"
so i did what i want!
pierced nose!
white stone!
it costs!!


creative people Cp said...

Wishd to see ur face with that white cant make it right...hope u wil b glowing like anything in that ...

പൊന്നുംകുടത്തിനെന്തിനാ പൊട്ട്‌....?

BORAN said...

so u really wanted simple as that..and u make yourself believe u don't need it..ur too confused about urself :)